The members of Association of Georgian Agricultural Journalists at the Middle East Forum and Food Safety Congress

Food Safety Congress 01

In 2018, May 3-4 6th Food Safety Congress was held in Istanbul, Turkey. At the congress various representatives of local government, educational sector, international organizations, and media presented interesting presentations regarding to ongoing issues existing in food safety and security fields.  

Within the framework of the congress, Ismail Ugural, the head of Turkish Guild of Agricultural Journalists with the support of IFAJ organized Middle East Forum. The goal of the forum was to establish relationships among the Middle East side countries, including Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Tunisia, Ukraine and Israel. AGAJ, the Association of Georgian Agricultural Journalists attended in the forum and based on own experience discussed about the challenges and opportunities in agro media sector. 

Georgian agro media study tour in Poland and Germany

Agro media study tour 01In 2018, from March 25 till 30, within the framework of study tour, regional media sources existing in Kakheti together with the members of Association of Georgian Agricultural Journalists (AGAJ) visited Poland and Germany.

The tour was supported by MOLI in Kakheti project which has been implementing by HEKS/EPER Office in South Caucasus funded by the Swiss Government in order to improve farmers’ livelihood conditions in the region.

Veterinary and Media Tour at Combined Feed Processor

Veterinary and Media Tour 01In March 15, 2018 INVET, one of the leading veterinary company organized a tour in combined feed processor called INVET FEED for regional veterinarians and media sources. The tour was facilitated by MOLI in Kakheti project, which has been implementing by HEKS/EPER Office in South Caucasus funded by the Swiss Government.

In order to serve the local farmers with the improved services and evidence based information related to combined i.e. improved feeding, regional veterinarians and media sources visited INVET FEED, the combined feed processor and introduced with the process of producing the feed for livestock and poultry.

Association of Georgian Agricultural Journalists’ regional tour

Kakheti tourIn February, 2018, AGAJ, Association of Georgian Agricultural Journalists organized regional meetings with regionally based media sources and journalists. The goal of these meetings is to mobilize and invite them to join in the association.

The above mentioned meetings held in Shida Kartli, Imereti, Guria, Samegrelo, Samtskhe-Djavakheti, Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti regions. Subsequently, up to 45 journalists and media representatives joined in the association so far.


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