Vocational training course for milk technologists

MOLI in Kakheti project facilitated milk technologists training course carried out by Prestige, Telavi vocational college. The 6 day training course was passing for month and a half and the module of the training was elaborated according to the standards of the Ministry of Education of Georgia.

Media tour

On December 16, MOLI in Kakheti project organized media tour in various small and medium enterprises operating in livestock farming sector in Kakheti. 

Since 2011, HEKS/EPER office in South Caucasus, the Swiss organization has been implementing MOLI in Kakheti project with the support of the Swiss Government. The goal of the project is to facilitate small farmers’ income generation and improve livelihood conditions. 

Dairies request regulation of non-registered entrepreneurship

The program prepared by Saperavi TV about Kakheti small and medium dairy forum

Dairy forum

On November, 28 Kakheti dairy forum was carried out in Ambassadori hotel, Kachreti, conference hall. 

The forum was facilitated by MOLI in Kakheti. 


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