Participatory Planning of Small and Medium Enterprises in Kakheti

Participatory Planning of SMEs 01In September, 2017 MOLI in Kakheti project facilitated participatory planning with partner dairies and slaughterhouses in order to plan 2018 year activities.

At the meeting, SMEs discussed not only about the achievements but challenges and solutions accordingly. With the co-finance of MOLI project, in the list of main achievements include well established infrastructure, HACCP standard and recognitions of NFA. As a result, more farmers have milk market access, embedded services and information in a sustainable way. At the same time, the number of medium and big scale customers is increased and thanks to effective communication with the local governance, the quality of their activities is improved.

Participatory planning for vet pharmacies and service centers in Kakheti

Participatory Planning with ISIPs 01In October 11 and 12, MOLI in Kakheti project facilitated participatory planning for vet pharmacies and service centers existing in the region in order to improve the quality of the service in the sector.

The project cooperates with regional vet pharmacies and service centers within the framework of partnership with big scale input suppliers aiming at improving the quality of service and product delivery to pharmacies and service centers as well as knowledge of veterinarians. Eventually, the existing intervention helps farmers to get better veterinarian services, products and information which serves to improve the scale of production.

Presentation of Study on Improved Animal Feed and Degustation of Pork

Improved Animal Feed 02

In 2017, November 7, the presentation of study on improved animal feed was carried out in the conference hall of “Ambassadori” hotel in Kachreti followed by the pork degustation. The event as well as the study was facilitated by MOLI in Kakheti project.

Since 2011, MOLI in Kakheti project has been implementing by HEKS/EPER Office in South Caucasus funded by the Swiss Government. The goal of the project is to facilitate livestock farming sector development. At the very beginning of the project, the baseline survey was conducted with the aim to learn the scale of production and usage of improved feed within the region. 

International Agro-journalist in Georgia and Workshop for Georgian Journalists in Agricultural Journalism

Steve Werblow visit

Since October 22 till 29, Steve Werblow, Secretary General at International Federation of Agricultural Journalists and agricultural journalist of “The Furrow” ( ), American magazine and web portal, visited in Georgia. The goal of the visit was to introduce Georgian agriculture as well as farming opportunities to approximately 500 000 American and Canadian farmers. 


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