Experience Exchange Tour in Estonia

Experience Exchange Tour in Estonia 01

Experience exchange tour for local veterinarians, dairies, dairy association, regional NFA specialists and media organized by The Farmer of the Future, the farmers’ association took place in Estonia. 

The goal of the tour was to introduce with the systems and principles existing in livestock rearing and agriculture in general. 

Within the frame of the tour the participants visited large and small scale farms, dairies, regional dairy union, state control organs, educational institution, vet drug store, animal breeders’ association and agro media. 

Since 2004 Estonia has joined the EU and has been facing high requirements and standards especially in agriculture and livestock rearing. 

According to the existing system in veterinary, the Veterinary and Food Board works under the coordination of the Ministry of Agriculture of Estonia and is responsible for the food safety and vet control in the country. At the same time, the board works with the State Laboratory and in order to prevent spreading any diseases sends sample analysis.  

Despite that, the delegation visited the biggest animal recycling and by-products plant in Estonia which has been working since 2011. The plant process 90.000 – 100.000 tons of perished animals. And the waste is used for producing bio diesel, energy and fertilizer. The plant was built with the 10 million EURO loan given by EU. The plant is well equipped to serve all kinds and scales of farmers throughout the country. 

Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science Institute provides veterinary courses at all educational study level and students interested in to apply to the course. At the same time all students may pass working practice courses at the animal clinic existing at the institute. Wide spectrum of job opportunities is offered to those students after graduating from the institute. 

Besides, normally medium and large scale farms are typical in Estonia. EU standards are quite high for small dairies and milk processing farms. Farmers are required not only take care on the shed and cattle but cultivate land and create own feeding base, using the organic manure fertilize the land for cultivation.   

The tour participants visited the biggest farm in Estonia. The farm owns 2 300 Holsteins and cultivates 4 300 ha land. They milk 25 300 tons per year and deliver milk to Valio and Estover the biggest local dairy processors. 

In the end of the tour, the participants discussed about the experience they gained within the tour. 

The tour was facilitated by MOLI in Kakheti project implementing by HEKS/EPER office in SC funded by the Swiss Government. 




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