Presentation of the Association of Georgian Agricultural Journalists

Presentation of the AoGAJ

A well-informed farmer is a guarantee of having a strong village and at the same time means that the agricultural sector is getting developed in the country – said Tamar Sanikidze, the representative of UNDP extension program officer at the presentation of Association of Georgian Agricultural Journalists held at the Holiday Inn hotel, in 2018, May 28th. 

The Association of Georgian Agricultural Journalists strives to facilitate agricultural media sector development aiming at journalists’ and agro communicators’ professional advancement based on the intense collaboration with the sphere actors in order to provide farmers and relevant stakeholders with the professional information in a sustainable way. 

At the presentation, the goals of the association, perspectives and membership possibilities were introduced to the agricultural sphere actors, representatives of the public, private, and related media sectors and international as well as local non-governmental organizations. Besides, board members of the organization presented collaboration and partnership possibilities to the stakeholders. 

In the beginning of the presentation, Owen Roberts, the president of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists sent a video greeting to the guests from Canada. In his speech, he mentioned about the role and responsibility of agricultural journalist and how considerable is the impact of the right and sector related information in the export oriented world we live in. 

At the presentation, the guests were introduced to the newly established website of the association where the journalists willing to join the association may get registered at the website and get the information about the event regularly. Moreover, the association presented Agro Diary specially made for journalists containing all the relevant information about the farming activities. And taking the activities into consideration, the journalists will be able to write and broadcast appropriately during a whole year. 

Besides, the members of the association, Giorgi Khanishvili, deputy Minister of Georgian Agriculture, Nikoloz Beniaidze, the head of Shiraki dairy enterprise, Nino Zambakhidze, the head of Georgian Farmers’ Association, and Mikheil Sokhadze, FAO/NAITS program coordinator expressed the willingness to collaborate with media and mentioned about the need of sector-related media development. 

At the same time, the representatives of local non-governmental organizations, business, bank and agro insurance sectors stated the opinions about the significance of the association further development. According to the words of Shota Gongladze, TBC bank agro business development coordinator, one of the main points to ease the communication between farmers and service providers is to speak farmers with the easily understandable language. 

The role of the association is vital, especially in Georgia, such a small scale country settled mainly with the small scale farmers in diverse agricultural regions and zones. Elene Shatberashvili, the head of Elkana, biological farming association mentioned about the need to support dialogue between farmers and decision makers and help agricultural knowledge mobilization in the regions of Georgia. 

And in the end of the presentation, the representatives of various sectors expressed willingness to collaborate with the association and made offers directly at the event. 



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