Study tour for veterinarians existing in Kakheti region

Study tour for veterinarians 01

Within the cooperation agreement between ROKI, the local veterinary company and MOLI in Kakheti project, study tour for vet pharmacies, VET college specialists and private veterinarians existing in Kakheti region was arranged at Racha, Western part of Georgia. 

Tour participants visited Blauenstein Georgia, the modernized cattle farm and Erkvani, local VET college. Later on they have met with local veterinarians and farmers organized by Ambrolauri ICC. 

The above mentioned tour aimed at experience exchange between the veterinarians being in different regions. And in this regards veterinarians shared the work specificities, necessity of required capacity and prevention and treatment methods of various diseases. 

In the end of the tour, some cooperation possibilities emerged between Kakheti and Racha regional veterinarians oriented on creating more benefits for farmers. 

The tour was supported by MOLI in Kakheti project which has been implementing by HEKS/EPER Office in South Caucasus funded by the Swiss Government. 



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