Georgian agro media study tour in Poland and Germany

Agro media study tour 01In 2018, from March 25 till 30, within the framework of study tour, regional media sources existing in Kakheti together with the members of Association of Georgian Agricultural Journalists (AGAJ) visited Poland and Germany.

The tour was supported by MOLI in Kakheti project which has been implementing by HEKS/EPER Office in South Caucasus funded by the Swiss Government in order to improve farmers’ livelihood conditions in the region.

One of the directions of the project is to keep farmers updated with the professional information about farming opportunities through media sources in a sustainable way. Respectively, the objective of the tour was to show the alternative ways of effective agro media production in order to increase the outreach of agricultural programs and sponsorship for agro programs to become financially viable. 

Participants of the tour including, Ramaz Samkharadze, the head of radio Hereti, Nino Samniashvili, Gurjaani TV, Giga Abuladze, anchor at Agro News, Maia Mamulashvili, the head of media centre Kakheti and AGAJ and the board members of the association, Rusudan Gigashvili, the head of Farmer of the Future, Tamar Bolkvadze, host of Farm, the program at Georgian Public Broadcaster, author and host at Sophlis Dila, the radio program at GPB and Demetre Ergemlidze, host at Farm and Sophlis Dila, the programs at GPB visited various Polish media organizations. One of the first media organizations the delegation had visited was Polish Radio in Warsaw. Artur Wolski, the main editor of the radio shared the diverse and useful information about financial possibilities and perspectives of the public broadcaster. 

Despite the specific funding regulations of the public broadcaster, which means that the organization receives funding from the state budget, the media organization keeps commercial orientation and is focused on the gradual improvement of the programs’ production quality. 

A committee of specialists based on the radio permanently checks speaking and narrative skills of hosts and keep control them on a regular basis. 

Agro media sector in Poland is quite diverse and particular. Basically the effectiveness of agro media production depends on the understanding and responsiveness to the target audience’s interests. 

Georgian delegation met with Vojciech Denisiuk, the main editor at and Farmer, magazine for farmers and entrepreneurs. The media portal is a member of PTWP SA Atrium Centrum consortium together with other media portals is concentrated on various agro sectors. For instance, is a web portal disseminating the information about horticulture and gardening and farmers are able to find the information not only harvesting process of various horticultural species but opportunities to sell the products in a profitable way. Whereas is oriented in giving advices to farmers related to marketing.  

Also, the delegation visited TVP 3 and radio in Olztyn, one of the small towns in Poland. Joanna Warecha, the agro journalist has been working in the media organization for many years and mentions that she started to work in the sector, when people thought it was not prestigious. In her presentation, Joanna talked about the specificities of the farmers’ mentality. And she said that the difficulty to work with farmers is to convince them in the efficiency of usage of modern technologies. Thus, they communicate with farmers using the simple language. “Agricultural journalism is a slow life. It does not depend on sensation but requires preciseness and knowledge” – said Warecha. 

Education and extension of farmers is one of the core missions of ZODR, Farmers’ Center of Education and Information existing in 16 regions of Poland. They serve farmers for 24 hours a day free and publish 10 magazines per year. They try to keep contact with farmers and provide them with the material which is actual and necessary during the year. 

The delegation visited Zdzislaw Tararako, one of the oldest agro journalists in Poland. He has been working in Szczecin radio for 44 years and thinking that one of the most important tools of agro journalist is to be honest to the audience and at the same time be deeply aware of the thing you are talking about. 

Within the framework of the tour, Georgian agro journalists were invited at Zaborsko Skansen and met with the representatives of The Fund of Rural Development. At the Skansen, a musical band of old women and men join and sing various Polish songs which is an effective way to keep cultural identity within the process of joining in EU. 

And in the end of the tour, the delegation met with Armin Huttenlocher, the consultant in Georgian government at agriculture in Berlin and Elguja Khokrishvili, the newly elected Ambassador of Georgia to Federal Republic of Germany. At the meeting, opportunities and current circumstances of the sector were discussed and depicted common perspectives of the sector development. 



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