National Veterinary Conference

National Veterinary Conference 01

On October 31, 2018, INVET and ROKI, local veterinary suppliers together with the Farmer of the Future, farmers’ association in Georgia conducted National Veterinary Conference at the Holliday Inn conference hall.  

The conference aimed at effective coordination between private and governmental sectors working in the field of veterinary at the same time livestock farming industry development in general. The joint effort to solve problems existing in the veterinary helps farmers to improve the productivity and at the same time maintains safe food production on a nationwide level. 

Experience Exchange Tour in Estonia

Experience Exchange Tour in Estonia 01

Experience exchange tour for local veterinarians, dairies, dairy association, regional NFA specialists and media organized by The Farmer of the Future, the farmers’ association took place in Estonia. 

The goal of the tour was to introduce with the systems and principles existing in livestock rearing and agriculture in general. 

Within the frame of the tour the participants visited large and small scale farms, dairies, regional dairy union, state control organs, educational institution, vet drug store, animal breeders’ association and agro media. 

Dairy Georgia’s official visit in Brussels and Germany

Dairy Flash

Dairy Georgia, local dairy association gathering small, medium and large scale entrepreneurs aims at lobbying the interests contributing to the dairy industry development in the country. In order to build small and medium enterprises sustainability and facilitate development of SMEs, MOLI in Kakheti project partners with DG and in this regards number activities, including study tours, workshops and related events has organized so far. 

In order to facilitate partnership establishment between DG and European Dairy Association (EDA), from September 3rd until 7th, Georgian delegation including Erekle Gamkrelidze, the head of DG, Kakhaber Koniashvili, Executive director, Armin Huttenlocher, international expert in the field of agriculture, Alexander Gogoberidze, team leader of MOLI project and Elene Tkhlashidze, business enabling environment coordinator visited Brussels. 

New Municipal Service Is Accessible In Telavi

Women s Room in Telavi 01

In 3 September, 2018 Women’s Room in Telavi has opened. This is a municipal service focused on the local women’s socio-economic empowerment and at the same time active engagement in the decision making process at the municipal level.

In the room, women may gain consultation on various related topics, use computer and internet, organize various events in the room, corner for children equipped with books and toys, etc.

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