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HEKS-EPER is Swiss fund committed to justice, peace and integrity of creation. All people have right to live safe, dignified lives free from all forms of oppression. HEKS/EPER’s values command respect for people of all cultures and religions. HEKS/EPER helps individuals in need, irrespective of their race or religion.

Regarding goals of the organization, HEKS-EPER fulfills activities in the following directions:

Development cooperation: HEKS/EPER supports rural communities in their efforts towards self-determination and a secure livelihood. HEKS/EPER projects aim to support the production, processing and marketing of agrarian products to boost income, and the promotion of economic independence by creating earning opportunities in the production and services sectors.

Contributions to promotion of peace and conflict resolution: The utmost importance working in the conflict transformation sector is attached to early identification and avoidance or handling of potential conflicts. HEKS EPER in Georgia works with youth, decision-makers, opinion leaders, NGOs’ and media in order to teach conflict transformation technologies and reduce the level of stereotype thinking.

Humanitarian Aid: In the process of natural disasters and armed conflicts, HEKS-EPER guides with the principles which are same to the developing projects’ management.


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# 10 Gvtismshobeli street, 2200, Telavi, Georgia. Tel. (+995 355) 235022